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It sucks having to do a legend lost sector and only get a handful of glimmer, lol. My first delve into the legend lost sector I was lucky enough to get the Star-Eater scales, and I though "oh, they're pretty generous with the drop rates!", I would then spend days trying to get the Radiant Dance Machines, AND THEN spend another day trying to get one with good stats!Some dude on reddit posted a while ago that he did hundreds of runs and it was close to 25% legend and 35% masters tho that was some seasons ago I still remember the number and yell them every time I don't get one in my 3rd run. My worse drop rate is 20 runs of legend lost sector to get the exotic to drop.Legendary is about 25% assuming you're killing all the champions. Then I have shit rng. Yeah, there have been a few analyses run with thousands of completions and the conclusion was that it's about 25% drop rate, but during those analyses, people did have long streaks with no drops.

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Solo Lost Sectors are one of the two only methods to actively farm Exotic armor. And on top of that, they can also reward sought-after World loot pool weapons. This guide covers all the exclusive Lost Sector Exotics and their rotation system to farm Exotics in general. Updated as of Season of the Wish (S23).Aug 6, 2023 · Drop Rate In Master Lost Sector: Overview. All in all, the Exotic drop rate in the Master Lost Sector is around 33%. That translates to around 4 Exotics per hour but Master Lost Sector drop rate is known for being inconsistent. Therefore, depending on the situation, it’s more productive to farm Exotics via the Legend Lost Sector. Legendary Lost Sectors Exotic Drop Rates I just want to know the exact Drop rates for Exotics in both versions of the legendary Lost sectors. Personally after over 20 clears of the 1250 LLS I have yet to see a single Exotic Drop, and yes these all were solo.Apr 6, 2023 · Published Apr 6, 2023. While addressing Destiny 2: Lightfall feedback, Bungie discusses exotic drop rates within Lost Sectors and upcoming changes to Vex Strike Force. Bungie addresses the exotic ... 1280 Lost Sector Drop Rates . So, I have run roughly 20 of these now today, In those 20 runs I have gotten 2 exotics. And Enhancement Cores every time. The drops ...9 Oct 2021 ... Exotic weapons and armor are the most important items in Destiny 2. The game doesn't make many of the sources of exotics clear so that's why ...Say you get one rune each time you complete a lost sector and don't get an exotic--maybe two if you don't die. Each one increases your drop chance by 10% when slotted in, except for number seven which guarantees a drop on your next completion. But any in your belt get wiped out whenever an exotic piece drops.Legend is 25% drop rate and master what almost all long hundreds of runs record end up close to 33% up and below. Masters take a lot longer so i recommend doing 1-2 minute lost sectors on legend the increased drop rate for the longer times actually gives less exotics. Goodluck. #5. Max Oct 2, 2022 @ 3:30pm.Bungie has continued to tweak exotic drop rates, though earlier this year, a Destiny 2 Clan managed to calculate the exotic drop rates after many runs with Legend coming in at a 27% chance and ... I got exotics nearly every drop on 1250 yesterday. I’ve done nearly 20 on my Titan at 1280 today nothing. I dunno why tf nobody talks about this. It's clearly bugged. Imagine running that many master nightfalls. Exotics literally every signle run, on a rare occasion a shard without an exotic. Funny im doing the same thing rn with also 0 exotics. I guess its bugged or bungies incompetence is shining through again. Awful design. 10 runs here and 0 drops. Got all 3 boots I was missing in the same amount of runs last night (but I think I got very lucky). 2.8M subscribers in the DestinyTheGame community.Have the lost sector exotic drop rates been stealth nerfed? Question ... Controversial; Q&A; Add a Comment. Keysmack • 201 legend lost sectors run this season, 56 exotic drops. This is right around the expected drop rate. Reply replyYea, there is something funky going on with Master lost sectors. RNG and all that, but I've been keeping a log of drops and preliminarily it looks like the drop rate is something like 10 to 15% with a bias towards certain (older) exotics regardless of whether you are doing a master or legendary lost sector.Threats depend on the featured Lost Sector. Combatants are harder to stagger and have more health. Available in Legend and Master difficulties. Lost Sectors feature +20 combat delta (rather than -15 or -20). We will be monitoring completion rates and times during Season 20 to see if Exotic engram drop rates need to be adjusted.I don't know the exact drop rates but if you haven't gotten it already 20 is the highest I've heard so far so probability should be on your side now. You might already be at a high enough level to take on the 1280 lost sectors, those have a …Heck, I have received only Glimmer 9 times. Here is a quick breakdown: -I received a platinum clear every single time. -My fastest clear was 4:57. -My longest was 9:01. If the info I researched is accurate and a drop rate of 19.7% is correct, then the chances of me going 37 without one is extremely low.Funny im doing the same thing rn with also 0 exotics. I guess its bugged or bungies incompetence is shining through again. Awful design. 10 runs here and 0 drops. Got all 3 boots I was missing in the same amount of runs last night (but I think I got very lucky). 2.8M subscribers in the DestinyTheGame community.The popular platform Crypto.com is slashing the rewards rates of its prepaid Visa cards. Here's a look at everything you should know. We may be compensated when you click on produc... It depends on your own ability and the lost sector. 99% of the time though, Legend will be less hassle and work out better in the long run. If you average 5 Master runs per 30 minutes, but can do 7 or 8 (with less stress) of Legend in the same time, Legend will definitely be better over time. Lost Sectors have ABYSMAL drop-rates, they are absolutely atrocious to play because of how boring they are. ... One single enhancement core for putting up with awful rng, weird buggy behavior from the enemies, and poor lost sector design is not worth even bothering with jumping into a lost sector. I'm not saying give everyone the exotic first ...1280 Lost Sector Drop Rates . So, I have run roughl People do report drought of 20+ legend lost Lost sector Drop rate changed. This season i have noticed that for the legend lost sectors the drop rates have changed from uncommon last season to rare this season and I haven't seen anyone talk about it. I haven't seen it from youtubers twab or any forums and was wondering if anyone knows what is up with it. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments.I shouldn’t say this but the last three weeks I’ve gone 1/1 on each. That's how it has normally gone for me I ran one last night 4 times and 3 out of the 4 I hot exotics. Every day someone complains about lost sector drop rates and every day we tell you it's RNG. STOP. This is exactly why I don't ever run those things. According to the USPS website, this form of Posted by u/[Deleted Account] - No votes and 14 comments Did roughly 4 hours of legend lost sectors today, avera

On average, most lost sectors take a minute longer to complete on master difficulty. The extra 10% bump in drop rate you get in masters is worth that extra minute. But, to your point, 'it a waste of your time" - I think this comes down to personal skill and the lost sector itself.Published Apr 6, 2023. While addressing Destiny 2: Lightfall feedback, Bungie discusses exotic drop rates within Lost Sectors and upcoming changes to Vex Strike Force. Bungie addresses the exotic ...Drop rate seems to be on the same tier/lower than the Legend Lost Sector, after 5+ runs I've only ever got blues/enhancement cores - Is this intended? Director states exotic drops to be "common" but it seems more like "rare" or "not at all" Can't tell if this applies to all Master Lost Sectors, only ran Bunker E15 on Master.There was a post just a few hours ago with a guy getting 3 in a row. I’ve done a grand total of one legendary lost sector this season, just to unlock the four extra loadout slots, and got Dawn Chorus as a bonus. Based on the parade of horror stories like yours, season after season, I’ve been working on exotic unlocks exclusively with Vex ...Lost Sector Exclusive Exotics Have Bugged Drop Rates? I have done hundreds of legend lost sectors over the past month or two and my exotic drop rate has been great (I'm getting an exotic about every 3 runs) I was able to get the older exotics like dawn chorus, necrotic grip, etc. all pretty easily; however, for some reason I cannot get battle ...

From a total of 604 Lost Sectors, he received 138 exotic drops for a total drop rate of 22.85%. Another important finding to keep in mind is that " run time does not seem to affect drop rates .". In other words, run faster Lost Sectors when possible. Sepulcher, a new Destiny 2 Lost Sector.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. the big one that i'm sure most people are h. Possible cause: Legend Lost Sector rewards are heavily weighted towards an Exotic you don&#.

Legendary Lost sector drop rate? So how often it usually takes for you to get a drop if you had to make an educated guess based on your experience!? Like how many runs you do where you say....ok now its time for a drop! < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . Horn. Apr 26, 2023 @ 10:53am ...The drop rate on master difficulty is only a little higher. If you can run master just as fast as you can on legend, go for it. Otherwise it's generally not worth it. ... Few days ago Chamber of Starlight was the daily lost sector and it dropped head exotics. I ran through it for 240 times, spending like 1:05-1:20 per run and a bit less then a ...

2 Wait For Easier Lost Sectors. Some Lost Sectors are much easier than others, regardless of the diffiuclty setting. If you don't have a particular preference to certain Lost Sectors, give these Lost Sectors a try: Perdition (Europa) : If you can kill the Vex Hydra at the start, this Lost Sector is a breeze. Bring Warmind Cell mods to speedurn ...Another detail is that the drop rate for Destiny 2 Exotic armors in Legend Lost Sectors is extremely low. According to Blueberries.gg, developer Bungie does not share the percentage, but a Reddit user called LostSectorLoony estimates a 22.85% drop rate.This means players can face the challenge multiple times and end up without a single piece of the Exotic Necrotic Grip.

Following an increase to the Vex Strike Force public event, the lates Does someone have a spreadsheet on how the drop rates in Lost Sectors work? It says Exotics are common, I ran it like 6 times and didn't get shit. 😒… When cuirass of the falling star came out i farmeThe point is, you will walk away from farm Bonds in the secondary market can trade for more or less than their face value -- the contractual amount to be repaid at maturity. Bond prices may drop for several reasons includin...5 Feb 2022 ... ... lost,destiny 2 nightfall,hollowed lair nightfall,solo master ... lost,concealed void legend lost sector,concealed void legend lost sector guide ... Master lost sector drop rates? I've ran the los Yas7867. • 2 yr. ago. I did the legend lost sector before today’s reset on my hunter for the RDMs and my first run nabbed me a pair of them, not the greatest rolls but still decent. As said it’s all down to RNG, I’ve done one run of the latest legend lost sector ie tank and my first run got me the new warlock arms. My rng is insane at ... all the lost sectors bar the K-1 Revelation can bAnyone know the actual chances for the exotic to drop from thI just stumbled on this post because I was trying to far No its just solo. Unfortunately the RGN is pretty bad. Legendary lost sector rng is bad. Id do master if at all possible. Nope, you can die as many times as you want but it is all down to rng. Sometimes it'll happen where you don't get an exotic in like 20 runs. Edit: what does matter is killing all the champions tho.What exactly does "uncommon" and "rare" mean as far as lost sector drop rates? Question. Title. I haven't done many legend lost sectors due to still being a fairly low light level, but out of the 10~ times I have done them, I've only gotten anything from them once, which was like 3 enhancement cores. Was wondering if anyone had any ... Lost Sectors Drop Rates. Okay so I know It depends on the lost sector and how fast you can consistently clear that particular lost sector on each difficulty. The Master drop rate is higher, but it is not 2x as high. So, if you are clearing Legend in 5m and Master in 10m, running twice the number of Legend in the same time it would take to do Master will probably get you more drops ... all the lost sectors bar the K-1 Revelation ca[To my understanding the drop rate of exotiThe chance being rare, what is the percentage of one getting t Somewhere between 20-27%. RNG means you could get 5 exotics in a row or run 30+ without one, and on an infinite timescale it all evens out. There was someone that did a bunch of Lost Sector runs and it seems that Legend lost sectors have a 25% chance while Master lost sectors have a 33.33% chance.